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Increasing revenue from automated emails by 484% in less than 3 months

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Through a meticulous revamp of automated email flows and a successful growth of the subscriber list, CHAP Aubaines witnessed a remarkable 484% increase in email revenue, showcasing the profound impact of tailored email marketing solutions and the promising journey towards achieving long-term e-commerce success.

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The Brand

CHAP Aubaines, a Quebec-based company, is committed to offering high-quality products at unbeatable prices. They source a wide range of products, including clothing, food, housewares, furniture, appliances, toys, watches, jewelry, seasonal items, and more from big box stores. In June 2021, they expanded their online presence by launching a Shopify Plus store.

The Challenge

Before partnering with Lake House Group, CHAP Aubaines attempted to boost revenue through email marketing. They utilized Klaviyo and primarily focused on short automated flows and weekly promotional campaigns. Their main objectives were to retain subscribers and convert one-time customers into repeat buyers. The challenge was the small email list and limited revenue generated from automated flows.

The Solutions

Lake House Group analyzed CHAP Aubaines' email program and identified two critical areas for improvement:

  1. Growing their Email List: CHAP Aubaines had incredibly engaged subscribers with high open and click rates, even with a small email list. To address this, we designed and implemented multi-step popup forms for both desktop and mobile, resulting in impressive submit rates: 8.03% for desktop and 7.39% for mobile. In just 11 weeks, their subscriber list grew by 252%.
  2. Establishing a New Automated Email Flows Strategy: At the time, automated flows represented only 5.2% of CHAP Aubaines' total online sales revenue. Lake House Group audited and optimized their existing flows, creating new welcome and back in stock emails, and adding a checkout abandonment flow. This comprehensive redesign included email design, implementation, timing, and content creation.

The Impact

The optimization of email flows and the growth of the subscriber list led to significant results:

  • Email revenue increased by 484% in less than three months.
  • Welcome email revenue saw a 619% increase.
  • Revenue from the Back in Stock Flow doubled.
  • The new Checkout Abandonment Flow had remarkable open and click rates.

Automated email flows, which initially represented 5.2% of total online sales revenue, now account for 18.7%.


It’s only been a handful of months since all of this has been done, but we’re already seeing incredible results and wins.

Looking forward, we’re beginning with CHAP Aubaines a journey building a comprehensive and sustainable series of automated flows whose long-term rewards will be in line with the wins we’ve already had together.

In fact, although automated emails are commonly seen as “set-and-forget”, their implementation is just the beginning. In this second phase, we’ll focus on optimization, by constantly formulating and testing hypotheses to improve our results.

CHAP Aubaines is an incredible story, but yours could be worth telling too... You just have to schedule your introductory call and we’ll take care of the rest!