Shopify & Klaviyo Optimization Program

Transform your online store's performance with our tailored Shopify and Klaviyo strategies.

Bringing traffic to your e-commerce store is just the beginning; the real success lies in transforming those visitors into loyal customers through our specialized and data-driven Shopify & Klaviyo optimization approach.

What's Included in our Program?


After a thorough audit of your e-commerce store, we develop a tailored strategy with defined priorities. Our roadmap,  reviewed and updated every quarter, focuses on improving key KPIs crucial for your business's growth and efficiency. This dynamic approach ensures your online store is always on the leading edge of performance optimization.

Shopify & Klaviyo Optimization

Every month, we dedicate specific hours to enhancing your Shopify and Klaviyo. During this time, we work on various tasks tailored to your needs, such as implementing new features to enrich your customers' experience, establishing or refining automations, or boosting performance. Our goal is to use this time as effectively as possible to improve your store's KPI.

FULL EMail Management

We manage your email marketing from start to finish. We develop a calendar strategy, provide content advice, and optimize flows. We take care of implementing and sending out emails. A/B testing is conducted to refine campaigns and flows, and we are proactive in identifying new opportunities to enhance your email marketing. As an additional service, we also offer complete email creation for those who need it.


A special event refers to any significant occasion or period that will impact the performance of your store, like Black Friday, a major sale, or the launch of a new product line. For these events, we offer a suite of custom services to ensure you're well-prepared. This includes developing a promotional strategy, making website adjustments for the event, setting up necessary promotions in your Shopify store, and aligning all this with a well-thought-out calendar strategy.

Website Monitoring, support, TRAININGS and more

All our plans include website monitoring, checking for missing translations and SEO errors, employee training, and detailed reporting. Plus, we keep you informed about new Shopify features that could benefit your business, ensuring you're always ahead of the curve.

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