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Case Study

Achieving +17% conversion rate growth with strategic CRO

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Discover how our strategic CRO initiatives significantly boosted CHAP Aubaines' online performance, resulting in remarkable increases in conversion rates, online sales, and average order value (AOV).

Conversion rate
Online store sales
AOV (average order value)

The Brand

CHAP Aubaines, a Quebec-based company, is committed to offering high-quality products at unbeatable prices. They source a wide range of products, including clothing, food, housewares, furniture, appliances, toys, watches, jewelry, seasonal items, and more from big box stores. In June 2021, they expanded their online presence by launching a Shopify Plus store.

The Challenge

CHAP Aubaines embarked on a transformative CRO journey with Lake House Group in 2021. The primary goal was to enhance the user experience on their website, increase conversions, and maximize their online performance. This case study outlines the journey, spotlighting key improvements and innovations implemented.

The Solutions

Since our partnership began, we collaborated closely with CHAP Aubaines team to consistently enhance their online presence. Some of the most impactful improvements made during this journey include:

Collection page filters:
Recognizing the importance of helping customers navigate CHAP Aubaines' vast and diverse product range, we prioritized the addition and configuration of filters on collection pages. This marked a significant improvement of the user experience, helping customers find what they need and boosting the conversion rate.

Mobile experience upgrade:
Recognizing that over 80% of our users are on mobile devices, we decided to also prioritized mobile optimization. Several adjustments were made to the mobile layout, with the crowning achievement being the design and implementation of a fully custom mobile menu. This mobile menu featured a better categorization and clear representations of all categories, each one accompanied by a icon. These changes resulted in a better experience and smoother navigation for mobile users.

Product page optimization:
The product page underwent substantial modifications and improvements, including the addition of badges to the images and elements to the product form. Given CHAP's diverse product range, specific templates were created to cater to unique categories like "Pick Up Only" and "Damaged Products," ensuring that information was clear and comprehensive for each product type.

Sold out products and Back in Stock feature:
CHAP's extensive product turnover required better management of sold-out items on the website. We revamped the sold-out product template for clarity and introduced a "Back in Stock" feature, enabling customers to express their interest in sold-out products and receive email notifications when items were restocked. A customized email flow in Klaviyo ensured automatic notifications to customers.

Leveraging Google reviews:
CHAP Aubaines faced challenges using standard product review features due to their rapid product turnover. To overcome this, we proposed a solution to leverage their wealth of positive Google reviews and integrated them into the website, boosting trust and credibility among customers.

New versatile sections:
To cater to CHAP's unique needs, we created several versatile sections within their website theme. These sections were designed with reusability in mind, allowing for easy configuration and customization through the Shopify editor - in perfect Lake House Group spirit!

The Impact

The CRO journey undertaken by CHAP Aubaines in partnership with Lake House Group, has consistently improved CHAP Aubaines' online performance. In 2023 to date (January to October) conversion rate increased by 17% compared to the previous year, and online store sales saw an impressive increase of over 80%.

As the journey continues, CHAP Aubaines remains on a trajectory of growth, and Lake House Group is proud to be a part of it.

"Lake House Group is a key partner in Chap Aubaines' growth. Antoine and his team support us in optimizing our online store and advise us on market best practices. Their expertise and dedication have greatly contributed to our success."

François, CHAP Aubaines Team