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Case Study

Transforming Code Love Lingerie with Online Store 2.0

Shopify Store Development
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Elevating Website Performance for Increased Conversions

Is your Shopify website suffering from slow load times? Discover how Code Love Inc harnessed the power of Online Store 2.0 to boost their website's performance and increase conversion rates.

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About Code Love

Code Love, an innovator in the lingerie industry, is dedicated to empowering women by enhancing their confidence and allure. Their premium lingerie collection embodies meticulous craftsmanship and affordability, reflecting a commitment to elevating every woman's self-assured sensuality.

Replatforming and Redesign: A Strategic Overhaul

Faced with limitations in flexibility, sluggish load times, and underwhelming overall performance on the Shopify 1.0 theme platform, Code Love Inc entered into a strategic partnership with Lake House Group to migrate to Shopify Theme 2.0. The initiative involved an extensive transformation of the online store, with a focus on enhancing its visual appeal.

The migration to Shopify Theme 2.0 yielded a significant upturn in website performance, resulting in dramatically improved loading times. This enhancement directly translated to a positive impact on the conversion rate.

Lake House Group undertook a comprehensive review of the collection page, optimizing product categorization and ensuring that every item found its rightful place. Moreover, our team fine-tuned the filter system to facilitate smoother and more efficient navigation.

A comprehensive review and optimization of product pages was conducted to enhance the customer journey and increase conversion rates and average order values (AOV). Specific related product recommendations were integrated to help customers in finding ideal matches, and client reviews were strategically placed across the website and on product pages to highlight the brand's value and benefits experienced by customers, offering new visitors a more comprehensive understanding of the products and fostering trust.

Prioritizing Mobile User Experience

Given the dominance of mobile traffic and sales, our approach was inherently mobile-first. This approach anchored our strategy, with responsiveness and user experience at the forefront of all improvements undertaken by Lake House Group.

Enhancing Customer Engagement Through Email Marketing

To improve the customer experience, an effective email marketing strategy was introduced. This involved setting up a Klaviyo account and implementing essential email automations to enhance the customer journey, retention, and conversions.

The approach included creating a Welcome flow, reinforcing brand values, and building trust. It was noted that numerous abandoned checkouts were not being recovered, so a specialized flow was established to recover these sales, providing customers with the information and trust needed to complete their orders.

Simultaneously, a campaign strategy was developed to engage subscribers, ensuring they remained connected to the brand and informed about all brand updates and promotions. The Lake House Group team managed the email strategy, including copywriting and design, ensuring Code Love maintained a strong, consistent connection with its customers.

Conclusion: Revolutionizing Code Love's Online Presence

The transition from Shopify Theme 1.0 to Shopify Theme 2.0 represented a ground-up revamp, harnessing the potential of next-generation technology. Shopify Theme 2.0 delivered a remarkable improvement in website loading speeds, compared to the previous version.

This high-performance website, now complemented by an improved user experience, is harmonious with Code Love Inc's commitment to offering quality, affordability, and empowerment to every woman.