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Case Study

How we used Okendo to Increase the Conversion Rate for PolarMade in 60 days

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Unlocking the power of CRO for E-commerce Success

Is your Shopify store struggling to boost sales? Discover how we leveraged CRO for Polarmade to unlock a remarkable turnaround in just 60 days.

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About Polarmade

Polarmade is a Canadian manufacturer renowned for its innovative Snow Peeler, a revolutionary product designed to safely remove snow from rooftops. The Snow Peeler enables users to clear snow from up to 30 feet away without the need for a ladder, making it a game-changer in winter maintenance. Polarmade prides itself on employing commercial-grade materials and top-tier craftsmanship to guarantee the product's durability and effectiveness.

The Challenge

Polarmade faced a critical challenge at the onset of a short season. Dissatisfied with their previous platform from the previous year, they transitioned to Shopify, witnessing an initial uptick in their conversion rate. However, they knew there was room for significant improvement.

Lakehouse Group's Solution

Our solution revolved around a comprehensive website optimization strategy for PolarMade. We harnessed the power of customer reviews to boost conversion rates and establish social proof. Customer reviews were strategically integrated at multiple touchpoints on the website to assist potential buyers in making informed decisions.

By partnering with Okendo, a top-rated ratings and review provider in the industry, we made showcasing social proof for Shopify brands a breeze. Okendo's user-friendly interface and seamless integration capabilities allowed us to collect high-quality product ratings and reviews from satisfied customers.

Additionally, we leveraged existing reviews from Amazon, a major sales channel for PolarMade. This integration provided prospective buyers with a wealth of information from customers who had already experienced the product, enhancing their trust and confidence.

Moreover, we conducted post-purchase surveys and employed A/B testing to identify the most effective angles for promoting the product. By understanding what resonated best with customers—whether it was the product's safety, durability, or effectiveness—we fine-tuned our approach.

Additionally, we revamped product titles, subtitles, and the product page structure, complementing these changes with a comprehensive email marketing strategy.

The Results

The implementation of our solution not only enhanced the aesthetics and user experience of Polarmade's website but also delivered impressive results. The data speaks for itself—Polarmade's conversion rate experienced a significant boost. By harnessing the persuasive power of Okendo and Amazon-backed social proof, we instilled confidence in potential buyers, ultimately enhancing their overall user experience.

Working with LakeHouse was a game-changer for us. They proposed and swiftly executed solutions that addressed our nagging low conversion rate issue. Plus, they empowered us to leverage our external reviews, significantly enhancing our website's credibility.

In Summary

Polarmade's journey from struggling with their conversion rate to experiencing a remarkable turnaround in just 60 days highlights the remarkable impact of Conversion Rate Optimization and the integration of customer reviews. By partnering with Okendo and leveraging Amazon-backed reviews, Polarmade not only improved their conversion rate but also enhanced their website's credibility and user experience. This case study serves as a testament to the power of experimentation, optimization, and the right partnerships in the world of e-commerce.